- The flying buggy driver, Bear Grylls Clarkson and James Dyson on a Namibian beach.

The French Premiere of the Grand Tour.

Yesterday, the French audience of our favorite trio discovered the Namibian Grand Tour on the TV channel, RMC Découverte. The show was a great event.

Top Gear UK arrived in France in 2012. The French audience discovered three British automotive journalists who have never scared of playing with cars all over the world. Then, the big scandal changed everything in 2014/15. The French fans were sad to not see the trio again until now. The come back of CHM on a French TV channel was an event. I was here to see how the audience welcomed The Grand Tour.

Poor Hammond!

Poor Hammond!

Seeing the TV show in French was weird. I'm used to watching The Grand Tour in English because I like their voices and the British humour without listening to the French dubbing. However, I was amazed by the French phrases. I wanted to share them. Here we go for the best descriptions of a Namibian adventure with Bear Grylls Clarkson, James Dyson, the flying buggy driver without forgetting Giovanni!

1- If you drive in the Namibian desert like Jeremy Clarkson, use that phrase if you have some cheddar in your trousers : "Defromager la croûte". I think his mates would have offered him a beer before taking a shower.

2- If you need to prepare your road trip with an expert to camp, call Richard Hammond, the " indécrottable paysan (or the hopeless peasant in English). Buying a Creuset dish is really stylish but not useful in a desert too.

3- If you want to save the rhinoceros in Namibia, call the "Brigade de protection des rhino". I'm sure you'd like to travel in a flying buggy like Richard Hammond after your mates shot you accidentally!

4- Do you want to travel quietly without loosing you in Namibia with James? Follow the "Chemin de May" trying his buggy he called himself a "tape cul". Maybe you prefer driving Hammond's buggy which was compared to Pink Floyd concert's lightings by Jeremy.

5- Listening to James's memories is one of the sweetest things we can do it. Listening to him about the sad story of the grandma and the lost easter egg comparing it to Hammond and Clarkson's Godmichet story is an another thing. Don't forget James May isn't a "tête de lard qui ne se tripote pas le levier en conduisant". I hope James is a gentleman.

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