The Fuel Injection Tribe Will Be Casting Car of the Year Votes Soon!

It's that time of year

8w ago

Well, it's that time of year once again, and with the closing of 2021, as per the end of each year, the Fuel Injection tribe will be casting votes for the highly coveted Car of the Year award presented by none other than the contributors of the Fuel Injection tribe. This year, because we, let's be honest, slacked a bit and sorta forgot about doing this until just today, there will be just five different categories. They are as follows: Best EV, Biggest Automotive Surprise (i.e. something that happened in the auto world that you didn't expect. This can be an event or the release of a new car), Best Supercar, Best Re-creation Car (i.e. the new EV Lancia Delta, Lamborghini Countach, etc), and finally, Best Overall Car. Votes will be due in two weeks time by midnight of the 12th of December, 2021. Send all votes to Daman Matharu, as he will be the one to post the votes and results.

With that, get voting!

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