- Hammond chats to Bartek about The Grand Tour, crashes & the future in an extended interview (Pic Bartek Ostałowski)

The full interview - Richard Hammond talks to Bartek Ostalowski

23w ago


Remember the amazing Polish drifter Bartek Ostałowski who Richard Hammond met when learning to drift for 'The Grand Tour'? Bartek is a skilled driver and drifter, which is all the more impressive as he lost his arms in an accident and drives by controlling the car with his feet.

When Hammond went to the Warsaw motor show recently Bartek surprised him by picking him up at the airport. Bartek later interviewed Hammond and Hammond posted a short version of that interview on Drive Tribe. Bartek has now produced and published the full interview on his youtube channel, chatting for over 12 minutes they cover a lot of topics.

Richard talks to Bartek about the future

Bartek asks Richard about everything from whether his daughters love cars to the future of 'The Grand Tour', his future career and the future of cars.

Interestingly Hammond comments that the coming series three of 'The Grand Tour' will be full of epic travel adventures. This interview was done before it was announced that series four would be purely travel adventure films and so series three seems as if it is a taster of that more travel based Grand Tour.

Please see Bartek's interview here:-

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