The full Monte'

2y ago

With 16 hairpins packed into an 8.3km stretch some 458m above sea level, the Kotor Serpentine in Montenegro is a section of road that requires concentration, a strong stomach and the perfect car. Or, in this instance, cars.

Forty-four lifestyle journalists from across 23 different markets were invited to drive a selection of two and four-door Porsche during a Porsche Central and Eastern Europe event based around picturesque Kotor Bay.

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718 Boxster: Combined in l/100 km (mpg) 7.4 (38.2)-6.9 (40.9); CO2 emissions in g/km 168-158.
911 Turbo Cabriolet: Combined in l/100 km (mpg) 9.3 (30.4); CO2 emissions in g/km 216.

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