The Full-Size EV Truck Market is already heating up, but which ones are red hot?

GM, Ford, Rivian and Tesla all have EV Trucks on the way, but which one are people interested in?

1y ago

In a recent poll from Autolist, current truck owners are more interested in EV trucks from Ford and GM than offerings from Rivian and Tesla. Interestingly, non-truck owners are more interested in Rivian and Tesla's trucks than they are in Ford and GM's upcoming EVs.

This leads to a considerable amount of discussion. Why are non-truck owners interested in EV trucks? Is it an emissions thing? Is it a startup versus established business thing?

It's no surprise that there are a large amount of current truck owners that would trust Ford and GM over Rivian and Tesla, but interest in Tesla's Cybertruck is based solely on whether or not people own a pickup truck or not. In the case of this survey, non-truck owners are more interested in purchasing the Cybertruck than current truck owners are. This might have something to do with Tesla being a cult-like business, but Rivian's numbers remained the same among both truck owners and non-truck owners.

Of course none of these numbers mean anything until a company actually brings one to the market, but there are also a list of other competitors in this segment that want a piece of the EV truck pie, including Workhorse with their W-15 fleet truck, and Lordstown Motor Company, a new upstart that plans to have an EV truck in production within the next few years as well.

While there is a lot of smoke, mirrors, shattered glass and flattened traffic cones in the world of EV pickup trucks, there are plenty of manufacturers that are willing to bring EV technologies to a market segment that isn't necessarily known for being eco-friendly. I personally am interested to see a proper comparison between all of the real-world versions of these vehicles within the next few years.

Which of these EV trucks caught your attention the most? Comment Below!

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Comments (44)

  • EV range quotes are meaningless at this point. What's range & charge duration when loaded down with ladders, wood, tools & pulling a trailer with a tractor on it? How long then will your EV vehicle make it? I work for a living & so to my trucks. If I'm going to spend $40,000 for a truck it has to accept 1500 lb of tools, ladder racks, ladders and a trailer full of lumber and sometimes a front end loader. My F-150 2-wheel drive satisfies this fine and has for almost 300,000 miles. Could the Telsa even make it to the job site and back under these conditions? I doubt it

      1 year ago
    • This. The Tesla is apparently going to have a 14,000 lb tow rating... but for what, 50 miles?

        1 year ago
    • EGGS-ZAKKLY ! It is a known fact that they're harder your press the pedal in an EV the faster you use your battery up. So even driving normally with a heavy load but suck the battery out quickly. It is true the electric forklifts I've used we're...

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        1 year ago
  • Rivian probably looks the best. It looks damn good.

    Concerned about performance vs Cybertruck and about what sort of battery will end up in the Rivian R1T. Probably needs to be the new flow battery tech they’re investing in otherwise it will be hard to compete with Cybertruck with the exception of looks where Rivian is just beautiful and more of an explorer / outdoors truck

    Important factors:



    -battery longevity

    -performance in cold (it’s cold where I live)

    -speed (Expensive is okay but not when there’s a $50K competitor that crushes Rivian in every category other than looks)


      1 year ago
    • Well, let's see:

      Range? It looks to go up to 400+ miles and who knows, more than that.

      Power? The R1T will make around 750 HP.

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        1 year ago
  • RAM. Please. Don’t do the above. You’ll make more money that way

      1 year ago
    • In 3 years, they will be losing money if they don’t.

        1 year ago
    • I don’t think so. People won’t be ready still by then. Neither will the trucks

        1 year ago
  • Assuming most of the respondents in the survey are in, or close to their 40's, why are people that have not had a truck considering getting one. They have been driving happily for 20+ years.

    Seems an odd thing to do.

      1 year ago
  • Tesla’s Cybertruck all the way... 3 facts to consider: 1-Tesla doesn’t pay to advertise, 2-most people are judging the EV trucks coming to market based on first impressions of how they look instead of specs & options, 3- while EV trucks are interesting, most truck owners won’t care as long as gas & diesel remain relatively affordable. I my self have never been this pumped for a new truck - made of stainless steel, auto-pilot equipped, solar charging vault cover, this thing is designed to live outside and endure, even during a hail storm. Babying cars is a joke, but babying a truck is even worse. Kudos to the Tesla team for making a stout rig that rivals a Porsche off the line. The minimalist design is perfect, but who cares what it looks like, we should care what it’s emissions are, how safe is it on our roads, what kind of utility it’ll provide.

      1 year ago