The future cannot be minimalistic.

As we progress towards a new era, our cars (INSIDE AND OUT) are losing all originality and may soon be left looking exactly the same.

It's fun isn't it, looking ahead. Imagining the ludicrous high rise digi-cities and flying buses and everything being pearl white for some reason. And the best part is, in our minds the future is how we want it to be, it's all made up. We will never get to it because by the time we get two days ahead it's the present. Everyone's image is different, and that allows for some great ideas. However, surprise surprise, mine is not one of such innovation. For me I look ahead and see bland, similar, over-neatness (might I point out that this is in relation to cars, I'd be looking a lot deeper for the whole society thing, that's going to hell). You might not be following so far with me being all philosophical, so here's some visual aid:

Future Concepts:

This is a Mercedes, believe it or not. It's a concept car, which in many ways are the most ingenius things on Earth. Manufacturers use concepts to share their vision of direction into the years ahead, guessed it, the future. This Merc is a classic example of such a car that would've been designed using a sort of minimalistic approach. And thanks to that it's awful. It is one big slope, some dotted lights and that's literally it. A computer mouse on steroids. And Mercedes aren't the only ones envisioning this mess.

"A computer mouse on steroids"


Some other brands have even jumped on 'I want to be a boring old minimalistic brand' wagon. Some even quite close to one's own heart😟. Let's have a look:

Now let's not forget some of the beuatifully crazy future ideas that have been given to us. The last few years of bustling motor shows and reveals have introduced some one in a million cars. But to be honest the whole point of this article was to express my main concern over where we're going INSIDE our cars. What we are so commonly being introduced to nowadays is a big screen and a shiny wooden dashaboard. And if one screen wasn't enough how about 100, because apparently that helps take up space to disguise the dullness of the designers left in charge. Tesla are a great example of all of this, both inside and out. And I think that might be why people are starting to turn against them. Visual explanation time again:

I know I know, this is quite far into the future. But the future is shaped by the present, and if this i this is what's being worked towards, then originality will die for good in the car industry. It's just a concern. Think about it, cars are recognisable. That's why we love them so much, no two are the same. Brands make iconic designs linked singularly to them. But this future of big screens and one massive slope of a car is the greatest objection to that. The car industry is killing the car industry. It's pretty much a mass suicide mission. And I hope we can stop it. Idk where I was going with that one, so I guess it's time to sign off. Hope you enjoyed and and I also hope you too are scared for the future, so I'm not the only one. Thank you for wasting your time on me, maybe like the post? Just maybe......

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Comments (23)

  • This is pretty cool though

      1 month ago
  • I strongly agree with you on that. It should be just like it is right now, with Lambos that don't look like they float. I guess you want a Betsy future, don't you?

      1 month ago
    • i want lamborghinis that dont float and ive decides that I dont want a new 2020 Betsy in case it is rubbish and then takes away from the real betsys magnificence😁

        1 month ago
  • The he thing that bugs me most in all the cars being released right now isn’t the design. I think design is becoming a little better than it has been in the last 5 years ( this is true if you don’t count those weird 2035 mouse concept things cuz I’m talking about the present). I HATE that 2021 cars have sink any screens. I want one small screen in the middle of two analog speed and tach dials, and one screen in the middle. That’s why even though the Honda e is so cute and revolutionary, I hate itnsimmich because the entire dashboard is a screen

      1 month ago
    • Ye so true. The E is amazing, I love it but the screen dash is its biggest downfall. Hopefully we will moderate the screens and tech as it all becomes more of a common thing with time.

        1 month ago
  • My next car can't be this..

      1 month ago
  • I agree. But trucks and muscle cars will never get that ugly. So there’s hope somewhere.

      1 month ago


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