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Inspired by the sheer power of the Rimac seen in episode 1 of The Grand Tour, we indeed wanted to see if the future was 'burny'.

For a bit of fun to celebrate the launch of The Grand Tour, we took a lap at Silverstone with the UK's first electric rally car.

The Project eRally team, based in Fife, created this eRally car based on a Standard Renault Zoe i-Expression. It's been converted to eRally Zoe spec for Junior rally drivers from 14+.

The car has all the safety gear you would expect from a fully prepared and MSA log booked rally car. Custom built rollcage, SPA fire extinguishers, GAZ adjustable dampers, Sparco seats, intercom and TRS belts. All driven on 15" Team Dynamics wheels and Yokohama A050 tarmac tyres or Yokohama A030 gravel tyres.

The 65kW Motor with its 220Nm of torque allows the car to accelerate quite rapidly and smoothly. It has beaten a Ford Fiesta ST200 on track in damp conditions. And it's inanely responsive to even the slightest touch making it quite fun in a rally situation.

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Riding with Cameron Davies around at Silverstone's Rally Experience track.

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  • This planet has Nitrogen inated a heck of a lot since carbon dioxide was pushed into the publics collective consciousness but it is way down the active atmospheres chief hazard.I think we need more carbon pumps to raise the carbon dioxide and feed the green plants before we all die from Nitrogen inhalation poisoning and all the trees go orange.

    1 year ago
  • That's not the future, no matter how hard everyone tries to make it so.

    1 year ago


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