T​he future is bright with the Selfridges X Barbour E-Lander!

As an automotive journalist, Selfridges and Barbour were the last companies that I thought I’d be writing about.

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

W​hat will the future of the automobile hold? It’s a question that is frequently tossed around within the automotive community and most people simply reply by telling us about electric cars but I don’t think that’s a very good answer.

I​ mean yes, within next 10 or 20 years, all new cars will almost certainly be electric but will the future be just as cool and exciting as the present? Luckily, Selfridges and Barbour have provided us with an answer.

S​elfridges Project Earth

S​elfridges Project Earth is a transformational initiative that aims to change the way we shop- if you would like to read more about this project, click here.

Selfridges needed a way to really make the launch of Project Earth memorable. They didn’t release some sort of ’inspirational‘ video online, they didn’t give eco-discounts and they didn’t start handing out boring leaflets. Instead, they decided to team up with Barbour to create an electric Land Rover Defender that you can actually go and buy today!

T​he E-Lander

The E-Lander might look slow but the opposite is true. It’s equipped with a 450hp electric Tesla motor- this, tied together with the fact that the 440NM of torque is delivered instantly, means that the E-Lander can get from 0-60mph in under 5 seconds.

I​ am aware that the Tesla Model X can do it in around 3 seconds but the E-Lander is a proper off-roader- not just some sort of jelly bean with stupid doors! Moreover, it’s based on a car that‘s over 30 years old!

T​he E-Lander also has three limited-slip differentials, upgraded dampers and suspension along with a 140+ mile range meaning that you can go rock crawling for hours on end and if you need more juice, it only takes 3.5 hours to charge the car but I don’t think that matters as nobody‘s going to go off-roading for 140 miles.

B​ut even though the E-Lander has the ability to embarrass most sports cars, the performance isn’t my favourite feature.

B​arbour Re-Loved

Clothes- they aren’t exactly kind to the environment​. This is mainly down to the fact that most people wear their clothes for a short while, leave them in their wardrobes and then forget about them, b​ut luckily, Barbour Re-Loved is here to save the day!

B​arbour Re-Loved is an initiative brought up by Barbour which aims to be kind to the environment whilst letting us all possess something that James May will never have: style.

I​f you would like to hear more about Barbour Re-Loved, click here!

M​y favourite part about the E-Lander is its Barbour interior- this is because it maintains a vintage design whilst not boring you to death which is also an ability that James May will never have.

I​t’s also wonderful to see how Barbour have managed to spread their new message by using an old Defender because the E-Lander was built with the exact same purpose- to show love to older and more forgotten creations.

T​here’s a problem... sort of

H​ow much do you think the E-Lander is? £40k? £50k? What about £75k? Well, unfortunately, none of those answers are correct- the E-Lander actually costs a smudge over £150k.

£​150k is a lot of money and I suspect that it’s for this very reason that Selfridges won’t see a lot of people purchasing an E-Lander but that’s okay.

I​t’s okay because the point of the E-Lander is not to sell a bunch of cars, no, it’s to spread the message and to prove that being kind to the planet doesn’t have to be a boring thing. ​

T​hanks for reading!

T​hank you so much for reading- I hope you enjoyed this article!

I’d also like to thank Selfridges for helping me to produce this article for you all to read!

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Comments (13)

  • Very nice, but for £150k I’d bag myself a Tesla model 3 and a lancia delta HF. Still cool, and 0-60 under 5 seconds in a platform essentially from the 1940s must be quite the experience

      7 months ago
    • It is definitely an interesting car!

        7 months ago
    • 1980s, but yeah. An old Defender isn’t completely stable feeling, I suspect that the extra kick from electric motors will make it... an interesting drive. Sort of terrifying in a fun way. Or just plain terrifying.

        7 months ago
  • Very nice! I do like the looks of the E-lander but definitely out of my price range.

      7 months ago
  • nope, off-roaders need to have ICE.

      7 months ago
    • What do you mean by ‘ICE’? Are you talking about that Emirates infotainment system orrr😂

        7 months ago
    • 😂😂,but really off-roaders need to have ICE,the range of EVs will drastically reduce in a rough environment.

        7 months ago
  • You mean the future is dark for classic land rovers

      6 months ago
  • I love the look of the seats. They’d get more buyers if it was based on the new defender. Maybe. But like you say, selling lots of them was never the point.

      7 months ago