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Lamborghini has taken the wraps off its futuristic Terzo Millennio concept. The Terzo Millennio concept supercar incorporates futuristic design elements and new technologies while staying true to Lamborghini‘s aggressive, performance-driven look, and it could very well be the Italian automaker’s future. The newly unveiled concept car was created through a collaboration between Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Other intriguing details include a unique propulsion system, which will feature an electric engine in each wheel rather than within the body of the car. The car uses a huge amount of carbon-fibre in its construction, which naturally brings some structural integrity concerns. Lamborghini and MIT have come up with a pretty simple solution really - let it heal itself. The car can self-monitor the CF structure and detect cracks or damage. It can then allow "micro-channels filled with healing chemistries" to repair itself. With two more years left of the collaboration with MIT and Lamborghini, expect to see other really cool technologies showcased. #TunedAutomotive #SomeShitAboutCars

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