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The future Mini Clubman may be an SUV

It will also be bigger

1y ago

Mini board already on the next generation of its Clubman family car. The latter will be larger and more distinct from the future Cooper hatch, which will be smaller than the current one. The future Clubman should also be transformed into an SUV, in order to gain market share in the United States in particular.

The Clubman occupies a still unclear position in the Mini range. It is indeed a little shorter and wider than the Countryman, while being offered at similar prices. According to Oliver Helmer, chief engineer at Mini, the Mini range will have to be revised in order to better distinguish the different vehicles.

The future Mini Cooper, in addition to being smaller, will possibly be electric. This creates cost problems since it is very challenging to offer an even smaller car that meets current safety standards. The front bumper should be replaced with something less bulky to reduce the overhang. Same problem for the back.

Mini has the ambition to offer customers the smallest car in each category or at least the one that is visually the smallest. And on this point, all the manufacturer's teams are mobilized, especially on the interior space part, which should be greatly optimized.

Photo credits Mini

Photo credits Mini

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