The future of alfa romeo

I never thought I'd see the day when I desperately lusted for an SUV! I've always been a fan of Italian sports cars, especially Alfa Romeo, and I fondly remember the day I fell in love with this brand. I was just a boy of about 10, on holiday in Portugal, and I saw a Spider painted in Alfa Rosso on a car lot in Lisbon. Being from Canada this brand was virtually unknown to me, but from that day onward, a passion like no other, was born.

Alfa Romeo Spider in Lisbon

Almost thirty years have passed, and I don't come to Portugal on holiday anymore, I live here, and my passion for Alfa Romeo continues to grow, I've owned five, from a 147 to a 156, a beautiful MiTo QV, to two GTV's (one of them being a V6 Busso), and I can honestly say I don't see myself owning any other brand of car in the foreseeable future.

The famous Busso engine

But I won't lie, my passion has swayed from time to time, I did own a terrible BMW 3 series for a few months, and if anything, this betrayal only made my passion for Alfa Romeo grow even more, and i desperately wait to own a 4C.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The Stelvio seems to be the future, and it appears to be an amazing driving machine with the looks to match, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think It is even more desirable then the Giulia. And if anyone can get me to lust for an SUV it would have to be Alfa Romeo. Forza Alfisti!

Alfa Romeo Stelvio