The Future of evo

Issue 230 is Nick Trott's 92nd, and last. That means he's been at the helm for 40% of all issues; it feels like far fewer.

Having lost a couple of other important writers (ironically, to this very website) at the same time, one has to wonder what Evo has in store. Of the founders only Richard Meaden is left with any input to the mag and I suspect that's fairly ad hoc; he's listed as 'Contributing Editor', same as David Vivian.

Perhaps the creation of this tribe has been timely for giving the mag the steer it needs to get back the feel it had before the issue pictured above, Nick Trott's first.

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  • Trott's done a fine job, I remembered him from Max Power days so was slightly surprised when he took the helm at Evo but that's more an admission of ignorance on my part as to his more recent CV. I have never missed an issue of the mag and still enjoy it, but I think the content needs to be shaken up a little as it has gotten very slightly stale over the last while. The quality of the writing is still up there with the best though.

    2 years ago
  • Nick is a cracking bloke having met him at a couple of evo trackdays. I had my reservations initially as he had rather big shoes to fill when he took over from the right honouable Lord Metcalfe. Best of luck to him with Motorsport.

    2 years ago


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