the Future of McLaren Maniacs: We Need Your Help

1y ago


McLaren Maniacs is continuing to grow very steadily, and with this growth our tribe is going to become more visible, attracting many members to our tribe to post their content. With this increase in content, the concern of quality arises. I've been blown away by many of the contributions to this community. Many have had hours of work put into them, and it really does show.

Others, perhaps not so much. With a new site like this, there is going to be people who are purely in it to see how many bumps they can receive, posting many photos at once that may not be of superior quality and give no credit to sources. With this tribe, I wanted to create high-quality content I would enjoy reading. However, I feel that this vision is being swept away with spam-y posts.

This concern is why I am writing to all 6.3k of you today. I want to hear from you about where you want this tribe to go. I have many ideas to resolve this issue, but I want to here directly from the members. My question to you it this: Should McLaren Maniacs remain an open tribe, allowing users to generate their own content among the community, or should the tribe be leader exclusive, allowing for control of the quality of the content being posted?

Of course, there is always the option of keeping the tribe open and deleting any posts that I feel do not meet the initial vision of the tribe. However, I feel this may be unfair to some contributors. Just because I don't want to be inundated with photos from Instagram, that doesn't mean someone else won't enjoy it.

If you've made it this far, I would like to thank you for your time. Any feedback is highly appreciated. I feel making the tribe leader exclusive would have great benefits for the content being posted, but I am worried it may ruin our sense of community, and would take away from many of the talented people who have already contributed. Please leave your opinion on the matter in the comments, and I will take it into consideration.

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  • So I see you are now tribe owner exclusive. Did you get any feedback on that? I'm tempted with my tribe. Thanks

    1 year ago
  • Exsactly PatrĂ­ck! I originally joined this for that kind of content. Obviously, the three boys had huge part to play in it as well, but I loved the initial idea.

    1 year ago


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