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The future of Transportation and why cars will die

The grim insight for petrolheads of the future

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"F*ck off!" - You to me, right now. And I understand, your facebook and Instagram has - since the rise of Tesla cars, become cluttered with electro spazmoids pointing at you and laughing for preferring a clutch and a V8 over a Rabbit Vibrator with wheels.

I too have been at the center of ridicule by environazis. Don't get me wrong - there is a difference between an environmentalist and an environazi. The one actually cares about the environment and campaigns for it, the other are a bunch of frustrated ugly people that want to set your neighbourhood on fire because you use water to wash yourself.

The truth is though, not even electric cars will survive - at least not in their conventional form. I mean, think about it. Walking up to a big metal box and opening a door to get inside it, and then driving over what is essentially a flattened rock on some rubberized oil, it sounds ancient!

A child

A child

The future of transportation will be far more effective! Roads might become computerized, with each car being fitted with a unit that guides it along a certain path - perhaps magnets?This will allow less inbred, ham fisted, idiots to "drive" and therefore lower the risk of accidents.

We might see flying personal transportation, which is highly unlikely since this would be weather dependant. In fact a far more plausible look into the future comes from Elon Musks "The Boring Company" that has taken cars to a subterranean level.

This will decrease the needs for massive highways, free up countryside and overall result in less pollution whilst getting you to your destination quicker! Cars are basically being treated like trains.

Now what about petrolheads? Well if we're lucky, roads might still exist in the future and that will allow us to take our ancient machines for drives, however the way it is going, you will need a special permit to drive above ground and pollute the world with your outdated death machines.

it is foolish to hold on to the past simply because we are scared of the future


All in all its all very exciting. Thinking about the future generally is.

As a species we tend to look at the future of many decisions and see what impact it will have on us in the long run. It is foolish to try and hold on to an internal combustion engine, it is foolish to try and hold on to rubber tyres, it is foolish to hold on to the past simply because we are scared of the future.

CO2 gasses have been proven to make an ever increasing hole in the ozone, this has been proven by smart people using science. The very process to use and to run a vehicle requires CO2 gasses to be emitted, why then is it bad to cut the CO2 out of the process?

Embrace the future! Its not doom and gloom, as vehicles evolve so does their speed and their range and soon, who knows - you might take a romantic weekend to the moon, just you, your car and your hand.

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  • I (unfortunately) think you’re right. But I’m not holding on to the past simply because I’m afraid of the future. I enjoy driving too much. I look forward to he drive to and from work even in my boring 10 year old Ford Fusion. The day I am no longer able to drive, a part of me will die. Btw, I really enjoy your writing style!

      1 year ago
  • A child lol it s Dewey from malcom in the middle

      1 year ago
  • Nice article! I watched 's interview once, where he shared his opinion on the future of cars. That was the interview to Wired magazine, if I'm not wrong. Anyway, Mr. May said that the future will be "luxury" as only super-hyper-ultra cars will survive the test of history. And they will be taken to the track days... can you imagine Lambo races?

      1 year ago