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The future Opel Insignia could turn into an SUV

A true SUV or a raised sedan?

2w ago

Faced with a growing dislike of traditional sedans, models in the aforementioned category that are nearing the end of their careers face a tough dilemma: should they reinvent themselves or simply give in to SUVs? For the Insignia, Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller is clear: a new generation is in the works.

The Insignia is indeed the top-of-the-line model of the blitz brand. As a result, it remains an image product even if it does not ensure a large part of the sales. However, to avoid a failure that is looming large on the horizon, the man says that the Insignia will return in a very different format than what we know today.

In an attempt to appeal to the SUV market, the Insignia itself could become an SUV without losing its sedan-like appearance. It is possible that the car could adopt a format halfway between a sedan and a crossover like the CitroΓ«n C5 X. We expect a higher ground clearance and various raw plastic elements on the body.

For its next generation, the sedan will move away from the General Motors platform to underpinnings shared with other Stellantis models like the Peugeot 508. This will mean plug-in hybrid powertrains for the first time on the model and a possible discontinuation of diesel engines. The new Opel (Vauxhall) Insignia will arrive in 2024.

Photo credits Opel

Photo credits Opel

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Comments (5)

  • I find it fascinating how the demand for a sensible family saloon/estate has suddenly tumbled in a short space of time. Back in t' days of the Ford Cortina and the Insignia's grandfather, the Cavalier, pretty much everyone seemed to want them. And even with the SUV rise in the 2000s, they were still going strong! Only now do they fall...

      19 days ago
  • nobody liked that.

      18 days ago
  • Oh no.

      19 days ago
  • Oh please don't...

    First the Zafira now the Insignia

    When the name of the car doesn't fit the original body purpose anymore within the continuation production... Please just retire them and find a new name

      19 days ago
  • Another storied vehicle name given over to the CUV crowd. πŸ™„

      19 days ago