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The future Opel Insignia could turn into an SUV

More and more SUVs!

1y ago

Opel/Vauxhall has just restyled its large Insignia sedan. This minor restyling will ensure that the Insignia will continue to survive for the next few years. However, discussions on the future generation of the Insignia are already underway. Scheduled for 2022, the car could metamorphose into an SUV, in order to restore customer interest in the blitz sedan.

But it looks like the future Insignia won't be a pure SUV, but rather a crossover. It will be an elevated car, mixing the bodies of SUVs and MPVs, like the Renault Espace. This will offer much more living space than the current model, while being more aesthetically appealing.

The future Insignia will be based on PSA's EMP2 modular platform, which will enable it to lose weight and gain agility. In fact, some Opel models like the Grandland X already use this platform. Importantly, the platform allows hybridization, which suggests that the future Insignia will offer plug-in hybrid engines.

The reason General Motors executives have decided on such a transformation is that sales of the Insignia have fallen sharply in Europe, from 137,714 units sold in 2009 to just 67,424 units last year, according to CarSalesBase. The Insignia is therefore being hit hard by competition from SUVs. The Ford Mondeo is experiencing the same problem and should also be transformed into an SUV.

Photo credits Opel

Photo credits Opel

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  • No... Please...

      1 year ago
  • It might but the Vauxhall version is still popular with company car fleet sellers. SUV's tend to be more expensive on things like tax and insurance in the UK where as a normal saloon or estate car is cheaper to buy and run.

      1 year ago