- 1973 Porsche 911 (Image Porsche AG)

The G model: the impact bumper Porsche 911

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The 1973 911 was an important model for Porsche. The 911 proved that it was successful, but the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer kept innovating. For the 1973 model year it introduced changes, including the powerful turbo engines in its top variant along with a galvanised body for every vehicle.

1974 G series 911 with impact bumpers (Image Porsche AG)

In addition, they also launched a Cabriolet and Speedster version to add to the popular open top Targa model. The Porsche 911 was becoming the iconic model we know today and Porsche was determined on pushing though improvements.

The 911 G Cabriolet

The impact bumpers of the 911 G with rubber lip that are characteristic this model in front of the luggage compartment lid. The bumpers could be compressed by up to 50 millimetres without any damage to important vehicle parts.

The 911 G Impact Bumpers

The energy from a collision was absorbed by flexible impact absorbers on the US version. In other markets Porsche offered these as an option. Nonetheless, safety very important for the second 911 generation.

Porsche 911 G series specifications (Image Porsche AG)

The G series 911 was built from 1973 to 1989. During its 16 year reign Porsche produced 198,496 of these 911s. In 1989/1990 the Porsche 911 type 964 would take its place.

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