The Gaming Tribe Time Trials: February

29w ago


I'll be honest the time trials didn't get anywhere near as many entries as I had hoped in January. After receiving some feedback from the community I found this was mostly down to either the cars being too expensive or the tracks being hard to unlock.

This month as well as Gran Turismo Sport; Project Cars and Forza Horizon 4 I will also be adding Forza Motorsport 7 to the line up as requested by the community!


Same as last month, there are a number of simple rules that apply to all of the challenges and are as follows:

1. No Upgrades

2. No Racing Line

3. Only Valid Lap Times

Please post any times set as screenshots from the games in the comments below so that I can create a leaderboard for the end of the month.


For Forza Horizon 4 I have picked one of the 'starter cars' - The Ford Focus RS because at least a third of players already own this and those that don't can easily afford to buy this reasonably priced hatchback! The Track I am selecting is the Ambleside Village Circuit as it is one of the first courses unlocked in the game so as many of you as possible can take part!

Forza Motorsport 7

For Forza Motorsport 7 we are sticking with the Focus RS, but for this one I would like you to set your fastest possible time around the full version of the Top Gear Test Track. As I said above, it is a reasonably priced car!

Gran Turismo Sport

Like last month I have selected one of the cars from the most recent update, this time however it is much easier to save the credits to buy as it is this Nissan Fairlady Z rather than that expensive Italian horse last month! The track I have chosen to go along with this is Suzuka. A Japanese car on a Japanese game at a Japanese track, it just works no?

Project Cars 2

For Project Cars 2 I have chosen the Ferrari 488 Challenge and Monza. An Italian car on an Italian track on a... uh not Italian game. Almost works! Quicker than the other cars this month I know but Project Cars just works better with racing cars doesn't it?


I have created a google sheets document where I am posting any times that you guys have shared in the comments. You can view the whole document here:


Good Luck!