- October's Winner - Group 1 Icon - Nate A


Want your photo as the header image for the whole of November? Then read the details below and post your entries in the comments!

I recently announced Nate A as the winner of The Gaming Tribe's October header image photo competition. The prize is that the winning photo will be the tribe's header image for the whole of October.

I am now excited to launch The Gaming Tribe's next header image photo competition, I will be hosting a competition every month to give you the opportunity to be the header image for the following month. So if you enter in this competition you could be the header image for the whole of November!

All you have to do is post your entries in the comments, any cars on any games, no limitations! Towards the end of the month I will select my favourite 3 entries and post them along with a poll to allow fellow tribe members until the end of the month to vote for the winner!

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Comments (13)

  • Lotus at Sunset from Motorsport 7

      25 days ago
  • Snowrunner: Alaskan delivery

      27 days ago
  • FH4: FD 370Z

      27 days ago
  • My DB11 ready to race!

      25 days ago
  • FH4: Mustang in the snow

      27 days ago


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