The gears behind mommy driver

Haha...ha. Get it...gears.

4y ago

I know you're all asking 'who is Mommy Driver?', 'why is she on here?', 'how do I get my child to stop eating sand?'.

Well, first of all, your child will eat sand forever and become a famous chef who only creates dishes out of sand. Look forward to that.

Secondly, Mommy Driver is me, Robyn and I am on here, because like all of you (I assume), I am very partial to cars. They make me happy, they are amazing, and gosh darn it, I want to drive them all. However, seeing as I am just a work at home mother of one who lives in a small town, I have accepted that the types of vehicles I can drive are....well, limited. I've no means to get my ass into an Aston Martin DB11, or even really a new M3. SO, I have chosen to focus on family friendly (relatively affordable) vehicles. Ones which can fit a carseat, a child, maybe two, maybe eleven (but if you have eleven need to rethink your birth control method).

You are all welcome to follow me as I look for the most useful and good looking cars for families, be they of the two legged or the four legged kind. Wait...I don't mean whole families of dogs that can drive. I mean, like, people parents with dog children. But....oh gosh, I'm losing it here.

I am Canadian (yeah, polar bears, igloos, maple syrup, I get it, you're hilarious), and I live on a small island just off the West Coast of Canada. See that picture up there? That is me, enjoying the outdoors with one of my favourite vehicles. I also enjoy practicing arguments in the mirror, a solid handshake, and pretending that your dog belongs to me.

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