- The GMA T.50 is the perfect drivers car. Or is it?

The GMA T.50. Is it really the perfect drivers car?

Gordon Murray says it's the perfect drivers car. Now is a V12, manual gearbox and a fan all it takes to make the perfect drivers car?

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Don't get me wrong. I really love the idea of a naturally aspirated V12 engine with a manual making up to 700 BHP. That massive fan, active aero and the Mclaren F1 aesthetics is surely the right ingredients to make the perfect drivers car. I can't wait to see it shatter lap records.

But wait, isn't this a "drivers" car. Should a drivers car be available to every car enthusiast or should it be a limited production, super expensive hyper car?


We all know about the Porsche 918, Laferrari and the Mclaren P1. Three hyper cars made to show the wonders of technology and break the limits of what a car can do. Now, these cars, though they were undoubtedly great, were not "drivers" cars. They were hyper cars. They were cars that showcase top notch performance but for a price. The GMA T.50 is a hyper car because it comes with a price. They are only making 100 of it and it's going to cost $3 million. That's only 100 people who can truly know what it feels like to drive it.

Sure, seeing and hearing it go down straights and attack twisty corners is one thing but is there anything like the experience of actually getting to drive it?

So what IS a drivers car.

The definition of drivers car is subjective. Some people like V12's some like flat six's and some even like supercharged in line 4 cylinders. A drivers car is supposed to be available to everyone at a reasonable price and give the same experience and pleasure that a hyper car gives you. Take for example the Mclaren 720s, even though it is not cheap, it is a potential drivers car. For me though, the 911 speedster is the only modern "drivers" car that can match the pleasure levels of the GMA T.50. Flat six manual that reaches 9000 RPM and a convertible? Yes please.


So there you have it. Now I know some of you will completely disagree and throw some hate at me but I just conveyed what I felt. And I know that what Gordon meant was this car will surely handle better than all other hyper cars out there and yes that's completely right. With a power to weight ratio less than that of the holy trinity I am more than excited to see it blast around the green hell. But this car here is not a driver's car, it's a car that shows what a drivers car is.

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  • Hablo inglés pero no soy muy bueno , mejor lo traduces , tienes razón yo creo lo mismo eso de darle tanto bombo y platillo a un coche ultra caro y pocas personas podrán comprar y muchas menos podrán probar no me parece bien y resumir que la mejor experiencia de manejo es la de un coche con tracción trasera , cambio manual y motor atmosférico mmmmm no me parece bien , donde queda el Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution o el Subaru Impreza WRX , el p1 el 918 o el laferrari , me quedo con coches como el Ultima RS , Noble M600 o cualquier Lotus de la actualidad realmente serán conducidos y disfrutados por sus dueños , me encanta koenigsegg, Pagani y zenvo por ejemplo pero nadie los usa para lo que fueron fábricados son un capricho y una inversión a largo plazo

      1 month ago