The GMC Hummer EV has reportedly sold out in 10 mins

      Looks like the Hummer EV is a smash hit!

      5w ago


      The Hummer EV came out a few days ago now, and there's no hiding that the reveal was a massive success.

      It was so much of a success that the top-of-the-line model, the Edition 1, sold out 10 minutes after reservations were live. And while we don't know how many Hummer Edition 1's were made available, we do know that there's a one-thousand-strong waiting list incase someone cancels their reservation for it.

      The Edition 1 starts at $112,595, making it the most expensive model in the Hummer EV lineup. However, it's also the best model of the pack, with 350+ miles of range, 1,000 horsepower, and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. That makes the Edition 1 the fastest of the bunch, with a 0-60 time of 3 seconds.

      The Hummer EV was certainly one of the most anticipated reveals of this year, and it's fair to say GMC nailed it. The Hummer EV has the perfect combination of luxury, offroad-capability, and exclusive features.

      The Edition 1, though it may be the most expensive, will be the first of the Hummer family to be shipped out to customers. It'll be available in Fall of 2021, a major perk in contrast to all the other Hummer models, which come out, at the earliest, in Fall of 2022.

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      • They certainly did nail it. It is just as I imagined it would be. Big, ungainly, overwrought, functionally impractical, but with enough shiny stuff to make it look like it’s a success. It is EXACTLY what the original Hummer was. The 350 mile range claims will prove to be overstated, as they always are. The t-top will leak. After a few trips to the lake with the boat (wait, can you back this down a boat ramp without shorting it out?) it’ll start having electrical problems. Range anxiety will keep it a local mall ride (which is why they include the crab-walk feature...mall parking is a bitch!). The fact that they made it look so much like the ugly old cheese block shape of the old Hummer only guarantees it will die the same way the original did. I am LMAO!

          1 month ago
      • Next summer’s fashion accessory

          1 month ago
      • 350 mile range with probably 1 driver and no cargo. I imagine it would be far less with full cabin towing a boat. Which makes it extremely useless. No one is going to take a road trip in this. 100k for something rappers will probably buy.

          1 month ago
        • How far is the lake from your house? Sure, range is shortened with towing. It's shortened when you use the heater and the radio. So, what? Plan ahead. My Tesla Model Y has a hitch and a 3500 lb. towing capacity. Am I going to use it to tow my boat to...

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            1 month ago
      • Wondering what people buy this kind of ludicrously. Coal-rollers that developed asthmatic problems? What kind of "statement" is this?

        Besides practicality (which it doesn't have much, it's too big for Europe anyway) and functionality, I just don't get these kind of cars, the only people driving Hummer are would be soldiers, rappers and drug dealers.

        I guess they wanted to beat the Cybertruck , so it was raced market, and therefore it will be insanely flawed I reckon.

          1 month ago
        • It's not really for Europe. It looks better than that ugly ass cyber truck.

            1 month ago
      • It’s a lot of money for a electric vehicle. They should’ve made it a hybrid.

          1 month ago


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