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Recognising the incredible dedication of some of Porsche’s longest-serving technicians

2y ago

If you could pick anyone in the world to service your Porsche, you’d struggle to do better than Larry Mouton. A technician at Porsche’s Salt Lake City dealership, Larry has been servicing cars for the marque since 1962, before the 911 even existed. Last Thursday he was formally recognised as the longest-tenured Porsche dealership technician in the US at a ceremony held by Porsche Cars North America.

The USA has 190 independently owned and operated Porsche dealerships, many of which have some of the most experienced men and women in the industry taking care of their customers’ treasured cars. The ceremony last week was also arranged to honour them, with a newly created Technician Tenure Award given out to a further 125 technicians who have been working with Porsche for 20 years or more. From now on there will be an annual process of recognition for technicians with 20, 30, 40 or 50-plus years of work behind them.

Larry Mouton has been servicing Porsche cars since 1962

Larry Mouton has been servicing Porsche cars since 1962

Larry, a Gold Level Porsche Certified Master Technician, received his award from Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA, on November 1 at Porsche Salt Lake City, which is one of the oldest Porsche dealerships in the U.S.

“About 70 per cent of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road today,” said Zellmer. “The high-quality work of our technicians helps keep them going. We want to recognise our employees’ loyalty and expertise, which have such an important impact on the Porsche customer experience.”

PCNA has unveiled the Technician Tenure Award just as the industry is experiencing various major shifts, including a much higher turnover among dealership technicians. Porsche, however, is bucking that trend. Of the more than 1,300 current Porsche technicians in America, 126 of them have spent a minimum of two decades with the company, a testament both to the brand and to employee engagement.

If you tot it all up, the technicians honoured in this first round of the new awards have a simply staggering 4,067 years of experience working on Porsche cars between them.

Testament to this, Larry himself has spent 56 years working on Porsche cars, including 53 years with Strong Auto Group in Salt Lake City, Utah. The awards he and his peers received were specially designed by Dustin Gilleland at PCNA’s headquarters in Atlanta.

Made of solid steel, they weigh a hefty 8kg and are hand-fabricated by Fuller Moto in Atlanta. The award’s backdrop represents the roofline and signage of the original Porsche factory in Stuttgart, while the curved front represents the updated Generation 4 design of current Porsche dealerships.

Each award also features a cut section of a Porsche ceramic composite brake disc as a symbol of the work technicians do and a model car to represent the decade the technician joined Porsche.

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