The Golf GTI is finally here

Rejoice hot hatch fanboys, your favourite car has finally arrived

1y ago

Now like when the 992 Porsche 911 dropped. I wasn't really interested. I was waiting for the fast one, the Turbo. It's the same story here. I didn't care of the arrival of the new Golf, I was waiting for it's sporty twin the GTI, and its finally here

First few thoughts? The front is ugly and adding a GTI badge and a sportier intake hasn't helped. In fact for once I think the standard car looks less gopping than the GTI, but that's me just talking.


The Golf still has the same turbocharged four-cylinder but this time produces 241 horsepower, 13 more than the outgoing model. It's still front wheel drive as well, as Jeremy Clarkson once said "four wheel drive is for the weak". Now some say that's quite low compared to the Mercedes-AMG A35 and Audi S3 but it's a Golf GTI not an R so I think that's perfectly fine. Also the thing abut the golf isn't the straight line speed, it's the handling. In hot hatch world nothing is as good as the GTI and apparently that hasn't changed.

Exterior and Interior Design

Bit of a mixed bag to be honest. The front looks like a mess. I was really hoping VW would've done something to fix it but they haven't. Seems like all manufacturers are going down the path of gopping front ends(Aston Martin Vantage, BMW 4 Series, Mercedes S Class). The side looks good, the new bigger sportier wheels and side skirt make it look good. The rear has the usual 2 exhaust at the bottom and a bigger roof spoiler.

Interior doesn't have much that's special. The steering wheel has a GTI badge at the bottom of it and the digital displays have a more boy racer touch to them. The plaid seats are still there which I think is a nice touch The manual also still features the golf ball gear shifter, that's enough reason to go for the manual version.

Final Thoughts

I reckon that as per usual, this new Golf will be better than the one it succeeds. But my biggest gripe is always gonna be the front design. A hot hatch has to be a sporty and interesting car to look at but this latest version just doesn't attract looks at all.

but hey let me know your own personal thoughts on the Golf GTI

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