The GOLF MK3 Project

Nothing quite prepared me for this car. Slammed and painted in Porsche peppermint green it really grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it

4y ago

I'd seen a couple of photos of this VW Golf when a photographer friend of mine had shot it and I was, to say the least, intrigued by what I saw, and was soon in contact with the owner arranging a shoot. I really wasn't prepared for what greeted me when I arrived in the car park of the local Tesco.

Unlike any other VW Golf MK3, this one has been custom finished in Porsche peppermint green which has a great depth to it and suits the car so well. Quite a bit of attention has been paid to the details as well, with colour coded wing mirrors, bumpers and wheels. It's definitely a work in progress with new parts on order for installation over the Christmas period ready for the new show season. I particularly loved the work that had gone into the BBS alloys which looked stunning.

I spent a couple of hours with the cars owner Luke, chatting and taking photos of the car. We started with a selection of rolling shots from various angles which gave the opportunity to see how the car can dogleg on a roll with a bit of creative use of the air system. Once we had all the rolling shots we wanted, it was time to get a good selection of static shots covering as much of the car as we could.

It was obvious that this car is a labour of love with so much time and effort having gone into making it what it is now, and that there will be much more getting done to it over the coming months. I had a great time meeting Luke and a great time photographing the car how I wanted to photograph it and hopefully proving Luke with a set of photos he is happy with.

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