The Golf story

i was born in this

4y ago

It all started 1985. I was born and soon found myself sitting drooling in a car seat mounted in the front of a Volkswagen Golf GLS 1977. Green with brown and black interior. The right spec. My parents owned the car for 18 years and my father replaced the engine and did some paint job on it. I had my first car experience behind the wheel in it when I was like 13. A few meters from my house my mom asked if I wanted to drive up to the house and I didn't hesitate for a second. The car did though, first time behind the wheel and manual gearbox can be a bit tricky. After clutching my way forward like a frog with bruised knees I managed to park the car in front of the house. Victory! The years went by and mom and dad eventually sold the car to a friend who hade It a couple of years before the rust took over and broke it in half. I grew up (I think) and after a couple of regular cars I felt that I wanted a classic. I like small cars and for a while I was thinking about getting a Mini. Then it all came clear. Off course I should get a replica of my parents old car - the green Golf.

I started looking around. Either the cars that were available was nothing but rust, or some 18 year old had slammed it to the ground by putting a saw into the frame. Nothing for me. Then one day, maybe six months after I started searching, an ad came up. It didn’t say much and had no picture. I called the seller and decided to go and see the car. I stood under a tree, had not been washed for ages and there were some rust on it. But, it had recently passed its MOT and was in decent shape for its age, and it was cheap. One week later she was mine and at first I asked myself what I had done. It was green, but not the right green color. And it had dents, rust and other issues that needed to be taken care of. Was this project over my head? I started to contact friends that maybe could led me on the way to make the car ready for prom. Eventually I decided to let a firm fix the rust and to paint the car in the right color - Bali Green. A very nice color that only was offered in 1977. In the meantime when the car was at her beauty spa I ordered parts I needed and collected a few other ones from sellers nearby - like a pair of chromed bumpers to replace the ugly ones in plastic.

After a couple of weeks the car was ready from the paint shop and me and a friend went to pick it up. It looked great and I was very pleased - and super eager to start assembling all the parts I’ve collected. Everything went smooth and eventually the car looked like I had expected, and remembered from when my parents had one just like it 15 years ago. During the whole build I had kept it a secret for my parents, they didn’t know that I had bought a car and my plan with it. I therefore planned to go visit them with the car and surprise them. I fabricated replicas of my parents old numberplates for the car and a couple of months after the purchase she was ready for the trip across the country. It went great and I got a lot of thumbs up on the way. With adrenaline rushing through my body I drove the same small road up to my parents house where many years earlier had my first experience behind the wheel of the green Golf. The sun was shining and I had arranged so that my mom would be sitting outside having a coffee with my sister. A few meters from the house I revved the engine and then honked the horn. The look on my moms face was epic. She didn’t know what to say and just started shouting: ”It’s my car! It’s my old car!”. And in essence it was. Obviously she started crying. My dad heard all the fuzz, came out from the garage and was really surprised by what was standing on the front yard. That evening we had great conversations about the old car and a lot of good memories came back to mind. A few days later I gave the keys for the car to my parents so that they could take it for a drive and have a picnic. Great success. Thank you for everything so far Henrietta, I will never ever sell you. And yes, that's me in the picture.

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