The good old days

3y ago


In the early 1990's, when I had a social life, most of my friends had Fords. There were MKII's Ghia, Escort MKIII and these two.

They were predominately used for driving around car parks rather quickly, cruising and driving to burger vans! My car at that point was a 998cc Mini, it had a very basic interior, heater was rubbish, seats were awful but I loved it. However, the Ford Orion was luxury in comparison. The seats were comfortable, it was warm and being a passenger felt like sitting in your armchair. I was a little bit jealous.

I was genuinely interested in the cars and what happened under the bonnet. I was already watching a programme called Top Gear, but this version had someone called Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler-Henderson. I also loved watching Tony Mason, rallying through the woods, which looked like fun, so I also started watching rallying at the time of Richard Burns and Colin McRae.

My group of friends also watched Top Gear, but would discuss BHP and ventilated brakes. I did not have a clue, so I asked and learnt about the intricacies of having two inlet and two outlet valves. I also teamed up with someone who was a mechanic and he allowed me to come and watch him 'fix' cars. I learnt loads of technical stuff, especially the difference between a 13mm open spanner and ring spanner.

In the next few years I enrolled onto a level 2 mechanics course, worked full time as a mechanic and was easily able to maintain my own car. It was one of the best times and from where it all began I never thought I would be writing on here. Thank you Ford, Tiff and Top Gear.

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