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T​he GR Prius

Y​es i am gonna talk about a Prius but ... a good one

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Y​es I know some really hate the Prius, but I may just, Just change your mind with this.

T​he Prius may be slow and sluggish, but toyota’s Gazoo Racing gave it a little GR Sport feeling to it and here’s a quote from toyotagazooracing.com: Keeping the quietness and acceleration of the base car. The PRIUS PHV GR SPORT is more fun to operate. A steering feel that is light and runs straight. Smooth suspension that prevents fatigue even when driving long distances. The range of enjoyment expands according to your lifestyle.

l​et us talk about the past the 1st and 2nd gen Prius the first gen Prius comes in one form: a sedan, Yes a SEDAN it wasn’t popular when it rolled off the assembly lines in 1997 because you had to import it privately. Then the second generation was presented at the April 2003 New York International Auto Show, for the 2004 US model year, it was the most hated Prius, while it was sized between the Corolla and the Camry, with redistributed mechanical and interior space significantly increasing rear-seat legroom and luggage room. The second-generation Prius is more environmentally friendly than the previous model.

T​hen a facelift came for the Prius, the 3rd gen came in around 2010 Consumer Reports named the Prius as the "Best Value", for the second year in a row. which I don’t rearly care about.

t​he fourth gen prius really ain’t that bad, it showed up during September 2015 in Las Vegas, and was released for retail customers in Japan on December 9, 2015. The launch in the North American market occurred in January 2016, and February in Europe. The 2018 facelift looked a bit better and some also came with a E-Four (AWD).

o​k enough history, let’s talk about the GR Prius.

M​y model Gr Prius

M​y model Gr Prius

S​o when did this Prius came out? The answer is Around 2018, no one really knew about the GR Prius until they dug through their junk mail, toyotagazooracing.com and even wiki didn’t talk about this car! Since no one liked the Prius lineup no one cared, that is why this car was never cared about. This car is starts at around $35546 USD and comes in Glacier White, Crystal Pearl, Silver Pearl, Graphite, Eclipse Black, Blue Gem, Feverish Red, it is around 1,550kg and can still do around 112mph while being eco.

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S​ource: toyotagazooracing.com, Wikipedia and my trusty iPhone 6s camera.

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