the grand tour - episode 2

are they stumbling on dangerous ground?

4y ago

It seems the second episode of the The Grand Tour filmed in Johannesburg has split parts of the media and fans of the show. Some called it drivel and rubbish whilst others called it enjoyable and fun. It is described as a family show and I feel there are some parents who felt this episode was not suitable for family viewing. I feel the team should have considered the morals and ethics behind "playing soldiers".

Images courtesy of The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime)

Images courtesy of The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime)

On a personal note, I enjoyed it. I like all the TG Specials and Jeremy, James and Richard have developed their relationship to a point where they work exceptionally well together outside their normal remit; sure I liked the P1, Porsche and Ferrari battle and the other car reviews. On the other hand, watching the trio build a bridge over a Thai river is fantastic entertainment and worth watching again and again.

Operation Desert Stumble was one of the those pieces of television which some will watch again and again. There are others who feel the trio should stick to the car reviews, lap times and Conversation Street (The News). It seems that our much loved presenters have divided opinion again, which is a healthy state of affairs.

Images courtesy of The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime)

Images courtesy of The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime)

I am sure there will be more adventures which will see the intrepid trio taking part in "extra-curricular activities". However, this is still learning curve for the team - knowing what is acceptable by the new audience and what isn't.

Please feel free to leave your comments on the second episode.

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