The Grand Tour Episode 2: Operation Desert Stumble Review.

Operation Stumble is go

1y ago


This is an episode filled with humor, sarcasm and downright hilariousness, the episode opens with Jeremy introducing the show and then they start off with Clarkson hilariously going on about road signs in Africa and describing how the Apes came about. they then move on and talk about the Aston Vulcan and that is surprisingly fast compared to the other cars tested on the “Eboladrome” this is then moved onto the main plot of the episode where the three presenters must carry out a rescue mission where they have to rescue the queen while being attacked by terrorists, this is a very funny segment and it will keep you entertained. The segment is then split and they introduce the celebrity for celebrity brain crash, this week the celebrity is eaten by a lion and that is the end of Celebrity BrainCrash.

Next week they will be in England specifically Whitby, the home of Fish and Chips.

see you next week for a review of episode 3 of The Grand Tour .


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