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The Grand Tour is in New York having a race from the big apple to Niagara Falls to see who gets there first via Public Transport or by Vehicle in this case the New Ford GT

also in the show James Stands in a park, Jeremy Panics in a shop and Richard is touched by a man.

The show opens with the discussion on the Ford GT and Jeremy jokes that they have had thousands of letters all asking if it is faster than an airliner the Show then proceeds to the Main film.

Jeremy then goes on by saying that the GT is the fastest, most beautiful and most expensive car Ford has ever made. with 607 horsepower under the GT’s Engine some say that it is a race car built for the road.

there are some minor problems with this car though as Jeremy explains

In order to get comfortable, what you have to do is move the steering wheel to where you want it and then you move the pedals by pulling the ratchet strap on the side of the main door.

jeremy clarkson

The purpose of this challenge is to find out whether it is faster to drive or fly from New York to the Canadian boarder. The conversation goes on for a little bit and then they get to finding out which one is fastest.

Richard Hammond shows up on crutches meaning James May has to travel by airliners and bus while Jeremy travels by Car… Classic Top Gear 🙂

Hammond shows up on the crutches and Jeremy tries to argue the point that the GT is not a race car, Jeremy ignores Hammond and the race begins.

Moving to Conversation Street; the hot topic of this weeks episode is centered around Self-Driving Cars Purple shirts and ambassadors for vineyards in the south of France

Mercedes AMG GT-R Review

If you are/were a fan of Top Gear you would have seen this car on the latest series if not the series prior.

The Car is Nice it is VERY Stylish and the interior looks like it was designed by a three year old with an artistic side and you decide to spend the four years designing the new seat-belt release button for the A-Class hatchback.

The New Mercedes GT-R is a very interesting car as Jeremy explains in his VT

“You Just know the designers have said can it be green? and can it have a mouth that can be used for sieved in Grill can the bonnet be nine miles long? and can it have bits of the battle-star Galactic a in it’s gills. The bosses obviously thought their being idiotic but to keep them sweet they let them get on with it. The upshot is a car that only really appeals to those who have a mental age of eight; and that’s me and every other man.

It even makes a childish noise [Exhaust Pipe followed by laughter], Just brilliant. Unfortunately however; because the stylists were allowed to do what they wanted the engineers then stuck out their bottom lips and said they wanted a free hand to.

The trouble is that unlike car stylists who are flamboyant and usually drunk car engineers tend to be very sensible and you can tell this just by looking at their trousers, so they fitted this with all sorts of sensible stuff, its got a flap for example which lowers itself from the bottom of the car when you are going quickly to reduce the air pressure down there, and that literally sucks the car into the tarmac giving you more grip. Then there is the traction control which you can control using the button provided on the car side board and then you can decide how off you would like it to be using a button that looks like a piece of Lego in the main console. The body of the car is made from carbon-fibre and titanium and magnesium to make it light.”

The new driver:

The New Driver for the second series for The Grand Tour goes by the name of Abbie Eaton Eaton replaces “The American” Mike Skinner who tested the cars of the last series on the Ebloadrome. He will not feature in this series of the show.

The Grand Tour Tells the audience that it has spent the last nine months auditioning F1 drivers Rally Drivers, Stunt Drivers and Test Drivers until they ended up with the fastest

The racing driver is a she for this series and i liked how she spoke throughout the lap rather than the American as he only said a few words at a time and all of his views were based on communism.

The Mercedes Completed the lap in 1.18.7

This Week The Grand Tour is Joined by Cricketer Kevin Pietersen and Baseballs Brian Wilson to discuss their laps and car history Jeremy introduces the guests to the audience and gets the cricketer to explain to their American viewers what cricket is and gives a very bleak insight into what it is to the American viewers. and vice versa

Its Rounders


Your building up speed as you cross the line

The celebrities completed the laps with times of:

Kevin Pietersen: 1.17.2

Brian Wilson: 1.17.5

The concluding part of the Main Film continues where they left off With James and Richard boarding the flight to Buffalo.

In the end The Ford GT wins the Public Transport Vs. Car race across New York to Niagara Falls.

to conclude this episode of The Grand Tour i think it is appropriate to end on yet another quote in relation to the Ford GT

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