- The presenters at Lincoln Cathedral (Photo via The Lincolnite)

The Grand Tour film at Lincoln Cathedral

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On Monday this week an e-mail from Applause Store pinged into my inbox, it said 'Join Jeremy, James and Richard filming in Lincoln this Friday - apply here'. Well I live pretty close to Lincoln and I could have Friday off, so I applied, but I didn't think I'd be lucky. Imagine my astonishment when late on Tuesday a miracle happened and I got the reply to say I was successful in my application! I could take a friend and we decided to make a trip of it, so on Thursday night we arrived in Lincoln ready for the next day's excitement.

The Anticipation

By mid morning we were outside the cathedral admiring some vintage Fords which were there as part of the filming. I can't tell you too much about that as it would be a spoiler, but there were some very diverse Fords there from across the years.

Vintage Fords

Some other people were already there, along with a reporter and photographer from the local paper and a reporter from BBC Radio Lincolnshire, who interviewed me about how I'd got tickets and what I was feeling about being there, thankfully I'll never hear the result!

The Cathedral is well worth visiting and it was still open at this point so we had a peek inside to keep warm

Inside the Cathedral chairs were already set up for The Grand Tour fans

Excitement builds

Back outside we watched some more cars arriving including the familiar 'The Grand Tour' Landrover Discovery filming cars with their taped letters on the windows.

The presenters arrived and went inside quickly, sensible as it was freezing cold and we still had an hour and a half to wait.

The Presenters arrive

Another fan @WillHayes_44 on Twitter was lucky enough to get a video of Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Play video

Once the presenters were in, as a lot more people had arrived, Applause Store staff asked us it we would move into a proper queue at the side of the Cathedral. Chatting to other fans in the queue, I think I can say as it's been widely reported, that we were asked to sing a hymn and there was a lot of discussion about that and people's thoughts about The Grand Tour. All the people I spoke to were really hoping Series 3 won't be the end of it, but we'll have to wait and see.

The Main Event

So the time came for us to be allowed in, there was a bit of a rush of people wanting to get to the front, though as it was a cathedral people were quite polite about it and it soon filled up. I won't give you any spoilers, sorry, we did sing a hymn several times and I have had it as an ear worm since. Camera positions were changed, people were moved around into different seating positions and several takes were done, but to say much more would be to give away the story.

I wouldn't have any proof I was there except that at the end Jeremy thanked people for coming and took a photograph of the congregation

Photo of the assembled Grand Tour Fans (via @jeremyclarkson1 on Instagram)

That's me in the fifth row

It was really interesting to see the crew in action and how filming works in a situation like this. Not that they film in a cathedral every day. I was very lucky to get tickets and happy just to be a tiny part of The Grand Tour, even if I don't appear in shot in the finished version. I can say I spent the afternoon singing a hymn four rows behind Clarkson, Hammond and May, strange but true.

See the original sources for those bits which aren't mine here:-

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