The Grand Tour Filming near Silverstone with Sebastian Vettel

1y ago


What a surprise on a monday morning for people who came from Silverstone on their way home when they stopped at a petrol station in Towcester

There they found James May chatting with the famous Formula One Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel about May's Ferrari 458 speciale.

Meanwhile we see Richard Hammond in the foreground pushing his beloved old-timer "Oliver", an 1963 Opel Kadett, slowly into the picture to get Vettels attention.

After filming at the petrol station the hosts went to a farm in Wappenham to continue filming for season 3.

Watch the video:

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Comments (3)
  • This was at my garage where I work lol please come back to do more filming! XD

    1 year ago
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  • Would love to see some Formula 1 drivers in an episode of the Grand Tour, current or ex... im not bothered!

    1 year ago


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