The Grand Tour Game will let you play as FOUR Jeremy Clarksons

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The developers of The Grand Tour Game have revealed exclusively to DriveTribe that you and three mates will all be able to play as Jeremy Clarkson at the same time in the game’s four-player split-screen mode.

That sounds like a recipe for a whacking great headache, but that didn’t stop us grabbing the game’s Creative Director, Craig Sullivan, for an interview after we played a demo of the game. Craig’s gaming credentials are impressive – he’s been creating racing games for the past 16 years, having worked on Need for Speed titles as well as the Burnout series. So what he doesn’t know about arcade racers isn’t worth knowing.

Losers finish on the toilet

Craig’s keen to point out that The Grand Tour Game is aimed squarely at people who aren’t necessarily die-hard gamers: “We want to make The Grand Tour game really accessible,” Craig says. “People will be coming to this game who are maybe fans of the TV show, but we don’t want to say ‘this game is too hard for the likes of you’.”

And what’s his secret weapon for making sure the game is pick-up-and-play fun for everyone? It’s a toilet, obviously.

Craig explains: “We have a medal system in the game where if you do particularly badly you win a toilet. But you’re still allowed to progress through the game.”

That’s not the only example of literal toilet humour present in the game – the demo I played involved threading a hypercar around the Algarve circuit used in S1E1 of the show. This section riffs on Hammond’s infamous shout of “There’s poo coming out”, and every time you leave the track your poo count goes down. Keep the car on the tarmac and you’ll maintain a better poo score. Obviously.

The game’s being made hand-in-hand with the TV series

Creating a fully fledged video game at the same time as the Amazon Prime series is being filmed has given Craig’s team some unforeseen challenges.

“Our artists have been to the places that Clarkson, Hammond and May have been to and we have access to the super-secret recce shoots for the show. And we’re taking into account unplanned things that happen on the shoots. For example if the film crew get to a place and it’s foggy that might change the entire feeling of the gameplay based on that day.”

Having played a demo of the game, one of the most impressive spectacles is the way the game segues from the footage of the show to the game. For instance, the demo opened with the incredible desert scene of Clarkson, Hammond and May in three Mustangs. The camera tracks the cars from a helicopter before closing in – and it honestly took me a split second to realise it had switched to gameplay and I was in control.

Multiplayer sounds like a fun way to troll your friends

As my time with Craig draws to a close, we chat about the four-player split-screen multiplayer option. Craig clarifies that everything you play in singleplayer then unlocks for multiplayer couch battles, which is fully customisable. “You can play the game in any combination you like – so you can take the eco-cars from season one, made of mud and bones, and even as four Clarksons around the Eboladrome.”

And if that doesn’t sound like a jolly good evening in with mates, I’m not sure what does…

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