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4y ago

So, apart from the fact that I cried like a little baby on the opening scenes, I must admit I loved every second of the first show that Jeremy, James, Richard & Co have all made. Clearly their blood sweat and annoyiness has stayed with them leaving the BBC wondering what on earth to do next with Top Gear. It will certainly leave Matt with his tail between his legs. Now first thing is first: Jezza & co departed from the BBC before showing their major planned film. The Ferrari, The Porsche & The Mclaren and started their new show, doing exactly just that. Apart from the crappy 18months+ we had to wait for said finaly, we got it in 100x better format, better surroundings, and to be honest all round better everything and it wasn't a finaly or a bombshell. Jezz we salute you for that!!

So I shall skip over the three amazing cars that the lads used to drive to their first show and focus more on the rest of the car population that they used. I even saw a bike in their (did Jeremy know that was happening?) There was not a shortage on money and the only critisism that I have from the bottom of my heart is that the sand from the desert ruined most of the car shots but some how they still managed to pull it off. Don't get me wrong my videos are far from their standards but I know personally that would have annoyed me.

Anyway enough about me, lets get back to the matter in hand. Thanks to the cleverness of the Internet Amazon don't actually have to tell anyone how well their show went or how much viewers actually watched it. And i highly doubt that any of them are going to be in a hurry to spill the beans, so using our guestamit meter do you think that The Grand Tour was watched by more people than the relaunch of Top Gear? I think easily!! Chris Evans wont be a happy chappy.

Babbling on again I apologies: So they have a track...Yes its fucking madness but its a track none the less. They HAD celebrities, and thought screw it lets kill them off. And the thing that caught me the most was the montage of what to expect over the next 12 weeks. Now if I am being honest from every little thing I have read on "The Grand Tour" since they decided to re do a show, things point to the BBC being babies and throwing their toys out the pram over what can be said and what can't. That all changed in my opinion about 6-9months before they finally aired. I mean Jeremy was on twitter defending them, Amazon started airing Top Gear (before it died) Jeremy, James & Richard and even Andy Wilman all appeared on some kind of BBC show and at that moment i sat back and watched everyone slag the BBC left Right & Centre all in my head thinking, The BBC are going to purchase The Grand Tour and make it global.....turns out I was completely wrong so i will keep my opinions to myself from here on in and allow Amazon to go global on their own accord this December.

Now along side GT Jezza and Co are also making their new Drivetribe Website which we are part of. Want inside information on it? Tough!! Only joking we launch soon!! And on that BombShell.....


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