- The Grand Tour is filming in Croatia. But what is James May up to?

The Grand Tour In Croatia: James May And his Lada-Firetruck

While Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond seem to Have a Little Drive Off in Croatia this Week, James May is Up to Something Different...

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Yesterday we told you about a new behind-the-scenes-snippet from The Grand Tour that shows Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond doing a drive-off in an Audi TTRS and an Ariel Nomad. Their co-host James May was only seen as an innocent bystander.

James Does something Completely Different

But now another snippet was posted on Youtube, showing James doing something... completely different than Jeremy and Richard with their little Drag-Race. It seems like James customized his Lada into a fire-truck, which he then drives around putting out barbecue-fires:

Although we do not know the whole purpose behind this stunt it sure leaves room for speculation. The fact that James has obviously changed a normal car into a utilty vehicle seems pretty familiar. Actually, it may remind fans of old Top Gear of the one challenge the guys did when they decided that public ambulances where rubbish and build their own ones.

Remember the "Rambulance"

In episode three of Top Gear's season 22 each of the TG-hosts came up with their own ambulance design: James used an old Ford hearse and furnished it with a remote control patient-delivery-system. Richard took a Chevrolet and build it into something that looked like the illegitimate child of the Mystery Machine and the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. And Jeremy.. Well, being Jeremy, he decided it would be best to build an old Porsche into something he called a "rambulance":

This feature was something very Top-Gear-ish: Putting together three vehicles with the same purpose, trying to do things better than the established ones do and then fail spectacularly. Judging from the video showing James May's firetruck Lada, The Grand Tour's fans may be in for a similar treat coming season two of our beloved car show.

Now it's your turn: What do you think James May is plotting over in Croatia? Let us know in the comments below.

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