- Three British guys in an African wild desert.

The Grand Tour is arriving in French TV

French (and not French) people are lucky. The special episodes in Namibia will be broadcasted on the French automotive TV Channel, RMC Découverte.

Our British guys are our favorite automotive adventurers as you know all. Top Gear was broadcasted for the first time in 2012 when new French TV channels were created to push the concurrence. James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond became the most British iconic presenters in France apart from Mr Bean. As you know, our bosses were fired or quitted the TV historical show after 12/13 years. I was sad when it happened in 2015. I hoped to see them again. My wish became real. Talking with them is incredible too.

Three British chaps and a lot of Namibian adventures!

The double special episode in Namibia is one of the funniest adventures our trio lived. Driving in one of the wildest desert, in the sea and flying in the mountains to arrive in a lost beach can be compared to a journey into the natural elements. When you add three guys who have not the same conception of a trip, it's very unforgettable. Each buggy reflects it. The classical red buggy is not really exciting but I like the traditional things. James May is a "national treasure" whereas Jeremy Clarkson likes the original and colorful things as his purple and green buggy shows us it. What about Richard Hammon's buggy? The African style is not bad but why did he choose that theme? The buggies was created in California during the 1970s. During the trip CHM lived great things with their servants and buggies. You like Bear Grylls, you'll appreciate the namibian journey of our stunned chaps. Mr Wilman is really serious when he gives some missions!

The Grand Tour is arriving in France.

If you live in France, you can watch RMC Découverte (the 24th channel). Top Gear UK was one of the greatest successes of that original French TV channel. In 2014, Top Gear France arrived and replaced the American version which was broadcasted at the same time as the Bristish version. The show transformed the channel into an automotive reference in France. The Grand Tour will be the next great show. It's the beginning of a new era for RMC Découverte. Lost in the desert, our trio discovers some exciting things, drinks some beers and ... smells like the famous British cheese, the cheddar, during the 1.600 km from the South to the North Namibia.

I'm not sure James May was happy in his buggy at the end of the journey! Do he hates his two fellows a few months later? Maybe, he forgives them (or not). As we say in French it's an affair of "bonne camaraderie"!

Don't miss the two special episodes on 29th november at 8:50 and 9:50 pm on RMC Découverte. You can watch the trailer here :

Tell me what were your favorite moments during that African trip in the comments on the chats #drivetribers and #pats-gang. What was your favorite buggy too? I'm sure you can guess was mine.

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