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The Grand Tour Is Looking For A New Driver For Season 2

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Today, on The Grand Tour's official YouTube channel, we got a genuine and in-no-way-staged look behind the scenes of test driver Mike Skinner's unceremonious termination. In a decidedly tongue-in-cheek fashion, the presenters acknowledged that Skinner's obnoxious Southern caricature annoyed everybody, including Jeremy, who was forced to make the deadly call and receive a torrent of Southern shouting.

A couple weeks ago, Skinner casually confirmed on Twitter that he wouldn't be rejoining the cast of The Grand Tour, citing dissatisfaction with the way his character was developed. Most people agreed with him, as the American character was by all accounts a rather silly idea, despite Skinner's obvious congeniality and undoubtable skill as a driver. I'm not sure why they couldn't just keep him on as a driver/sort of fourth presenter, and simply ditch the stupid lines, but that may have been a more drastic change than simply sacking him completely.

The internet has been inundated in the intervening days by literally several comments suggesting possible replacements for Skinner, from other American drivers like Danica Patrick and Tanner Foust, to ex-Stigs Perry McCarthy and Ben Collins.

If you think you've got what it takes, you can probably cold-call Jeff Bezos and ask for the job. Just make sure you aren't fat, clumsy, or slow.


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  • I'm an Aussie who is permanently disabled (only 1 working arm) after having an accident coming off my Ducati riding home from work, but in my car, I'm just lucky I never crashed and I lost my license from my first fine 46 km/h over the speed limit and 2 days later I lost 4 points off my next license I just need something to make my worth living other than my 2 daughters who live with my ex and her new hubby!!!

    PS I didn't crash being a bad rider as I used to race for The Ducati BEARS race team & good friends with the CEO of Ducati Australia Warren Lee, I also have a personal friend who owns all of these cars www.carsofthestars.com.au/home/.aspx

    9 months ago
  • Danica

    1 year ago


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