The Grand Tour producer gives us a sneak peek at the upcoming Scotland special

Who else is incredibly excited?

3w ago

The executive producer of The Grand Tour, Andy Wilman has posted a video on his Instagram showing us a sneaky preview of the upcoming Scotland special which is due later this year.

There isn't much in this video, but we do see the opening title sequence which displays the three presenters' names and some great Scottish scenery.

Very little has been said about what the special will actually be about, but photos were shared around by the Daily Record which shows Clarkson, Hammond, and May behind the wheels of three great big American cars pulling caravans.

The Grand Tour Scotland special is due to be available on Amazon Prime at some point later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates or sneak peaks like Wilman has given us.

Are you excited for the next Grand Tour special?

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Comments (13)

  • I’d like to see where they go. When English TV comes to Scotland it almost always seems to be the Cairngorms

      25 days ago
    • That’s mostly because it’s so damn beautiful!

        25 days ago
    • True, but other bits of Scotland are also very beautiful. Apart from the recent Top Gear film, I cannot recall a wholly English programme coming to the west coast ‘for example,’ and we have Glen Coe, which may be one of the best inland views in...

      Read more
        25 days ago
  • I love the old Riv!

      25 days ago
  • I can't wait 😁🖒

      25 days ago
  • Is that a boat tail riviera I see? 😍

      25 days ago
  • YES

      25 days ago