The Grand Tour Returns 2019?

Presumably The Grand Tour Will return in 2019 with the start of series 3

3y ago

it was Reported earlier in the week that Amazon's The Grand Tour will return in 2019 with series three of the motoring Show presented by Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Given that we haven't seen any trailers or teasers for the show as of yet we can only presume that the show is returning in 2019 or maybe they have us waiting until December of this year until they release official footage of the show.

Although i would of expected to see something like a trailer or a teaser round about now giving us hints at what is to come over the next few months, weeks or years.

We can only hope that The Grand Tour returns all guns blazing with a brand new series and give us something to look forward to as we head into 2019 knowing that we have the three amigos there to give us something to look forward to on a Friday Evening after work.

You can watch the video below to find out more information

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