The Grand Tour Reviews: EP 1 The Holy Trinity.

The Boys are back with a bang.

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The Boys are back with a bang, and this is clearly seen through out the episode and at the very beginning of the opening sequence for the first episode of The Grand Tour with the burning van festival in California, Clarkson leaving the BBC as he prepares for The Grand Tour to fighter jets flying over head as the three main hosts of The Grand Tour step out into the glorious sunshine of California, it is what you would expect from a show that cost £4.5 million pounds to make with £3 million going towards the opening sequence. Upon the first episode airing last night the show already ( From reading Reviews online) has blown the BBC out of the water with the amount of money it spent on producing and making the show a reality after waiting over eighteen months for the three stooges to return to the TV.

We finally get to see the race between the Maclaren P1, the Porsche 918 and the Ferrari la Ferrari, which makes sense because if you remember last March before the Fracas broke out, the BBC promised fans that, that particular race would go ahead with those three cars, but it never came to be… UNTIL NOW.

Episode 2 of The Grand Tour airs every Friday on Amazon Prime and globally from December.


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