The Grand Tour Reviews episode 3: opera, donuts and the return home.


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This episode is full of the usual antics of.general car faff along with the company of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, the episode itself was very entertaining and very funny to watch, i especially liked the trip to Italy segment when Jeremy Clarkson voices his opinion on the Aston Martin DB 11(More on this Later).

The Episode opens with Clarkson and Co. being Greeted with “Whitby Welcomes Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May” this is a nice touch as England is where all three hosts grew up and it adds a sense of home to the whole episode.

The trip across Italy:

I really enjoyed this part of the show, mainly because of the beautiful scenery Italy has to offer and the chemistry between the three Amigos have when they are in their element, now the bit that i found very interesting, Jeremy Clarkson loves the Aston Martin DB 11 and this segment of the show really shows this, the colour of the car might put everyone off though as Hammond Describes the colour of the car as being brown, while Clarkson states that the colour of the car is actually “sunset orange”, meanwhile hammond was driving the Dodge Hellcat in this episode, and as we all know by this stage, Hammond has a secret “American” side to him, and this car not only did it show his inner American but it showed that he has a slightly childish side to him as well.

The episode then finished off with the Blowing up of Clarkson’s actual house…

The demolition of Clarkson’s house happened because if you remember in episode one of the Series Clarkson said that his mclaren was the best and that it would beat James’s Ferrari and Richards Porsche, but it lost and so the result is outlined in the picture above.

See you next week for a review of Episode 4 of The Grand Tour.


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