The Grand Tour Season 2 Arrives December 8th!

We can't wait!

3y ago

After a lot of shouting and questions from all of you wanting to know when the next season of The Grand Tour starts, our prayers have been answered! The 8th of December - mark your calendars!

Excited? We're not finished. A new trailer has been released which shows us exactly what we're in for, and it looks incredible! See it by following the link below!

Also watch here:

Make sure you're signed up to Amazon Prime to watch Season 2, it'll definitely be worth it!

This is a lot later than the October date we expected, but with everything that happened this year, Richard's crash and Jeremy's pneumonia for example, it's no surprise timings were pushed back. We're just happy to see them still doing their thing and look forward to an amazing second series!



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Comments (9)

  • Cant wait! The Trailer is on YouTube too now! perhaps you should link it too..... here you go ;D

      3 years ago
  • I Like Grand Tour because it Got My Favorite character Called Jeremy Clarkson and James May and Richard Hammond

      3 years ago
  • that looks like it will be brilliant.

    hopefully they're not let down by the tent stuff.

      3 years ago
  • Can’t wait , did say final season?

      3 years ago
  • it better that it December as Christmas is car show time, in my view.

      3 years ago