- Credit - The Grand Tour/YouTube

The Grand Tour Season 2 - Half a Romeo

1y ago


Unless you’ve been living in a very remote place where the internet hasn’t been invented, such as most of the Lizard Peninsula, then you will be well aware that The Grand Tour is returning on 8th December.

A big part of last season was the celebrity guests who came to a variety of unfortunate ends, including a failed parachute and being attacked by wild animals. For season 2 though, the boys are under strict instructions to keep their guests alive and well. Meaning they had to come up with an idea for what do with them in the only way they know how.

We are so excited for the return of the show, we can even forgive the boys for dismembering a poor innocent Alfa Romeo 156 in the name of entertainment. The Grand Tour drops on Amazon from December 8th with new episodes weekly.

Are you excited for the return of the boys? Let us know in the comments.

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