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    T​he Grand Tour Season 4 will return for just 2 episodes a year

    E​executive producer shines light on the now much-reduced show

    1y ago


    Executive producer Andy Wilman has confirmed that viewers will only be getting a double dose of Clarkson, Hammond, and May in the forthcoming series of The Grand Tour due to a substantial format overhaul. Earlier this year the last episode of The Grand Tour Season 3 aired, in which a teary eyed Jeremy Clarkson explained that the show would be moving towards a specials-only format. in which there would be no studio, track, or challenges.



    T​he assumption was that while the tent and all that would be gone, fans would still be getting a pretty sizable amount of content every year. Well apparently that isn't happening now. Because in an interview Executive Producer Andy Wilman said that fans should expect just 2 episodes this year; one around Christmas, and the other in the springtime.

    B​ut why?

    W​ell there's a few good reasons as to why the Grand Tour has been cut down. First and foremost is the fact that making a special takes a lot of time and effort. Traveling around the world with cameras, crew, and many cars is very expensive and time consuming. Second, Amazon has recently announced that Clarkson, Hammond, and May will all be making solo projects with Amazon Prime Video this year. As such giving them less time to work on the Grand Tour.

    W​hile this is disappointing to fans of the show, we can all expect two pretty incredible episodes; especially considering the time and effort that went into them. We will also see three new shows hosted by each individual presenter, giving us plenty of content from the trio.


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    Comments (73)

    • Two episodes are better than none.

        1 year ago
    • Oh cock

        1 year ago
      • It can't be that hard (or whatever they said during the grand tour Christmas special)

          1 year ago
    • GEEEEZZZ, Chill Out people! While I also subscribed to Amazon soley to get my fav tv show, I also need to recall that they have been doing this for about 100 years they've all gotten older. And you think that by now they've earned some time to themselves and even an end to it if that's what they need? Who are we to demand they keep after it to salve our desires? If they want to enjoy the fruits of their labors more than they've been able to I say more power to them and I will continue to miss what we did have. Accept what comes- it's a healthy attitude.

        1 year ago
      • Very true.

          1 year ago
      • Well of course, they can do whatever they like. But they're not doing it to rest. Jeremy after all is hosting that dinosaur of a show who wants to be a millionaire. Plus they have individual projects, which will flop like they all do, and will...

        Read more
          11 months ago
    • I don't really care about what they do on their own. I want more Grand Tour

        1 year ago
    • No!!!!!!!!

        1 year ago


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