The Grand Tour Series 2 Episode 4 Review “unscripted”

Alfie Bow and Michael Ball are this weeks Celebrity Face Off Guests

2y ago

The opening of this episode starts with a review of the Mclaren 720S driven by Richard Hammond and surprisingly unlike Jeremy Clarkson, Richard seems to find the Mclaren to be the perfect car for those that like Super-cars although with some very subtle faults (Watch the episode to find out what i’m taking about) Overall the verdict of this car is fairly positive, although after the film has finished Jeremy points out that during the film Richard had switched between cars you can see this in the show after it is pointed out although this goes unnoticed during the course of the film.

Moving to a slightly unusual conversation street segment this week brace yourself for the return of the Top Ge- sorry Grand Tour awards 2017 yes that’s right its the making a return this year as seen many years ago on the other show was the return of the Top Gear awards back in 2008., this year the contenders for The Grand Tour Awards are the Nissan Duke for the ugliest car of the year, The 2017 Honda Civic Type-R for a hideous back end and the new Corvette 2018 model for the nicest car (or something along the lines of that title).

For this episode The Grand Tour is in Croatia where everything apart from the meeting point is unplanned., the presenters then turn up in cars that are completely unrelated to what they want to do and this turns out to be very funny when watching the episode. Jeremy decides to show up in a four wheel drive Audi TT-RS, before Clarkson had time to come up with the right words to describe his car Richard Hammond had arrived in an Ariel Nomad, James then arrives in an even more Miss matched Lada Riva

James then goes and makes a comment about Jeremy’s Audi saying that it is an Air hostess car

The presenters then go off and try to find a place to test their cars and end up going in different directions .

Later in the film Jeremy and Richard find an air field where they race their cars of choice against each other and this is very funny.

In this week’s celebrity face off Classical singers Michael Ball and Alfie Bow Join Jeremy Clarkson for a lap around the Test Track in the end Michael Ball ends up winning the lap and it is very amusing to watch the interview between the two singers before both of the laps.

To recap: This Episode was very entertaining with some of the Top Gear classics brought in and it is definitely worth the watch

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