The Grand Tour: Series 3 What we know (so far)

27w ago


Who is Returning?

All three of the presenters will be returning for the 3 series of the popular Amazon Original Show The Grand Tour.

How Many Episodes will be in series 3?

It is expected that there will be the standard run if episodes for the series being about 12-13 episodes at a stretch (if i was to guess i'd say 12) each with an hour long in run time

Will there be a Christmas Special?

The Grand Tour Series 2 Episode 6 Promo image

It was rumored earlier in the year that we could see a Christmas special before the third series of The Grand Tour starts into series 3 but the future of the Christmas special was done away with when IMDB (an Amazon Owned Company) had removed the release date of the episode to be released on the 21st of December; however we have been reassured by The Grand Tour's Producer and friend of Jeremy Clarkson Any Wilman that there will be 2 specials released during the running of Series 3. So there is still hope

When is the Series Released on Amazon?

It Was Confirmed by Amazon a few weeks ago that The Grand Tour will return to Prime Video on the 18th of January 2019. you can watch the Official Trailer below

Will there be more seasons of The Grand Tour after Series 3 has Released?

Yes, in a statement published by Amazon a few days ago The Grand Tour Will be returning to Prime Video with more seasons of the show they know prime members know and love.

No Tent More Adventures

The Grand Tour will be returning to Prime Video in the new year and with the announcement of The Grand Tour's third series Prime Video also released a statement saying That the show will be returning but with a few changes. the full statement can be read below.