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The Grand Tour Taught Me Something This Week

2w ago


I woke up this Sunday morning and watched The Grand Tour. Yes, it was quite late compared to most weeks. Most weeks, like a giddy school child on Christmas day, I'm up at 4am on a Friday to watch The Grand Tour. Funnily enough it also makes my Friday. I tend to go to work at an average speed of 200km/hr and get to work extremely early, presuming I don't end up in a prison cell first.

Anyway, I want to talk about a car today. Which is odd for me. I normally talk about things to do with cars, but talking about a car individually I only do maybe once a fortnight or once a month. The car I want to talk about was a car that was subtly featured on The Grand Tour this week. And funnily enough it's also a car that is not well known by most, less by millennial's and even less by Australians. It won't stop me though because this car was one of the best looking vehicles I've ever seen. I'm also probably never ever going to drive one.

it reminds me of that Jaguar advert they did a few years ago "it's good to be bad".

The De Tomaso Pantera. Ridiculously for a car brand I had never heard of, De Tomaso is stupidly cool They built a Formula 1 car for Frank Williams. Were owned by Ford for a period. Are Italian and were founded by an Argentinian. Clarkson this week (and rightly so) called it the essential villain's vehicle of choice. And I love that. It reminds me of that Jaguar advert they did a few years ago "it's good to be bad".

It only gets better as well, Pantera in Italian means Panther. I mean when you're thinking about what to call your next car and some first year intern says "you should call it the Panther", you give that intern a promotion. Hell he can run the entire company. So anyway why isn't De Tomaso very well known by millennial's? That's a very simple answer actually. See the thing is De Tomaso carked it in 2015. They haven't really brought a car out since the Deauville in 2011, a car that never made it to production. Their last road car was never made global either.

With that in mind, let's focus on the Pantera. A car that isn't just gorgeous on the outside, but also on the inside. Whilst only seeing it in pictures, the interior of the Pantera looks amazing. It looks far beyond it's time. Plush leather steering wheel, the center console dials and a metal and 8 ball shaped gear lever. Hell, Clarkson was right, this car is a proper villains car. But the thing is it's so big that it looks comfortable. It's just fantastic. I really want to ride in one so I can give you a first hand opinion.

It gets better. The 1970s version of the car which is featured in The Grand Tour isn't just gorgeous on the inside. It's even better on the outside. See I've never really liked an old Lamborghini. The Countach and Espada, whilst being pioneers in their time, didn't look that great. They sorta looked like they should've been flying personal vehicles. That's not a bad thing, but they just didn't look that great. The Pantera on the other hand, looked like some genius had taken that space age design and combined it with the sleek, brilliant innovation of the Ford GT. It looks like a space age muscle car, that's exactly what it looks like. It gives me a massive hard on.

Let's move on to the thundering, fast and fun engine. A 1973 351 Ford V8 engine. An engine that produces 350 BHP and spurts baby animals from it's exhaust pipes. It's limited slip differential means something else extremely important. That car slides, it slides like a god damn Mustang. A combination of power and weight on that car gives it this impressive speed balance. Of course these things are all presumed based on statistics from the car, weight distribution and position of the engine. I'll give you an update once I've found Dr. No, convinced him not to kill me and paid him to borrow his car.

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Speaking of Ford, as an owner of De Tomaso, you can tell Ford was involved in the design of this car. The ascending lines from front to back. The massive rear tyres and the quad exhaust pipes. It does feel extremely reminiscent of, as mentioned before, the Ford GT. The interior though doesn't look quite as minimalist as the Ford GT. In fact the Pantera actually reminds me of a car I saw in a video game trailer about 10 months ago called Cyberpunk 2077. The game is a science fiction game as well which makes me love the car even more.

Anyway, if someone knows where I can find a GT5 version of the Pantera please hit me up. I now can't decide whether I need to drive one before ownership. To be honest the car is so beautiful I could keep it in a garage for my entire life and still love it all the same. But seeing how it was driven on The Grand Tour this week makes me think, no, I never could do that. I would buy one, keep it and hoon it like it should be hooned. Yes, I'd hoon it until it could be hooned no longer. Because that's what villainous people do right? Villainous things.