The Grand Tour Tops Global Demand Spot

The Grand Tour Helps dethrone netflix from global demand top spot

4y ago

For the first time, a non-Netflix program has topped the demand spot globally in the first quarter leading up to the month of March. The information was compiled from Parrot Analytics, which analyzed the demand for 30 digital titles across ten markets.

Parrot Analytics used artificial intelligence to curate demand based off of social media, fan sites, peer-to-peer protocols, and file sharing platforms. The information was then applied as "expressions of demand."

In the UK, The Grand Tour topped the list in 5 of the 10 markets tested, leading the way with 6.3 million expressions of demand, followed by fellow Amazon show The Man In the High Castle (2.6 million) and Netflix's Stranger Things (2.6 million).

The Grand Tour's popularity also held the top spot in other global markets, including Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Japan. In a few other markets, The Grand Tour appeared on the list but failed to claim the top spot: France (sixth), Russia (second), and Brazil (tenth).

In the United States, The Grand Tour failed to capture the top spot, which went to Stranger Things with 10.5 million expressions of demand. Second place went to The OA with 9.1 million, followed by Amazon's The Grand Tour and The Man In the High Castle.

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  • I think Amazon would be happy with that, as Grand Tour also top the IMDB rating in november with a 9.5 launch number as off today when i last check it sit number 55 with a respectable 8.9 with 36 450 weighted vote Rotten Tomatoes give it an AI off 95 per cent.

    overall it been a huge hit so it has for Amazon.

      4 years ago