The Grand Tour trio can finally have an amphibious toy!

Welcome the Amphicar 770 which could be yours for peanuts.

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Getting to experience an amphibious vehicle is equally old as the dream of embarking on a drive to space via a car that can fly. Movies and several books sparked this dream in us and guess what, it is finally possible. A car that has the character of a canoe is currently going under the hammer with a bid currently standing at USD 29,870. You have got 3 days to place your bets. It is christened the Amphicar 770 and ushers from the '60s.

The car was designed by Hans Trippel and was produced by Quandt group between 1960 and 1965. In case you're wondering that this relic won't be in a taut condition, it has been fully restored by the owner and in this fleeting time, has run for just 3,188 Km (1,981 miles), even a spanking new car will easily clock in more than these many miles in less than a year's time.

The car is 5 feet tall (1.52 m), 14 feet in length (4.27 m) and bears a weight of just 1,050 Kg (2315 lb) making it almost feather weight to trundle in the water.

It is rejuvenated by a Triumph Herald engine which has a displacement of 1147 cc that is adequate for 38 horses, all of which are transmitted to the wheels via a 4-speed manual ratchet. It might sound exiguous at first, but is scant considering what it is meant to do. Straight away, this won't be a stellar companion if you desire to hustle forward at high speeds. That is let known looking at the speedometer which tops out at just 90 mph (150 Km/h).

The car has been gingerly prepared and it won't sink when driving in a lake. The power to lurch forward in water is provided by two propellers. Seeing the video, I wouldn't mind myself taking it in shallow waters for a spin of a lifetime.

Interested? The car is up to place your wager on eBay. It comes courtesy of Classic Auto Mall from Morgantown, Pennsylvania. However, do make note of the fact that there are places in the car's body covered in rust which bridles the spirit of doing some water sports. Anyway, the car won't exceed 8 mph in water so don't think this to make you fill with gusto when you feel exhorted.

Nearly 4,000 units of this highly cutting-edge vehicle were sold when it was incepted at the time. While we know the experiment conducted by the world's best automotive convoy during their hey-day with TopGear went in vain, this car guarantees that it won't drown and you can peacefully live your life after the excursion bragging about the genius masterpiece that's sure to draw eyeballs more than any exotic car we are used to seeing frequently. This then, is unexpurgated joy and thrill!

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